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Galvanized Steel Grating

Hot dip galvanized steel grating
(1) Structure: Welding with flat steel and cross/round bars with certain distances.
(2) Features: High strength, light structure, high bearing.
(3) Surface: The hot dipped zinc coating gives the product excellent anti-corrosion.
(4) Grating Style: Plain / Smooth, Serrated / Teeth, I bar, Serrated I bar
Galvanized steel grating is welded with carbon steel material or stainless steel material, with firm structure and high strength. steel grating is widely used as stair treads, walkways, platforms, floors, various covers, wheeled equipment, security screens, heavy-duty constructions, etc.
load bar type: Plain / Smooth, Serrated / teeth, I bar, serrated I bar
Bearing Bar:

thickness≥3mm, depth≥19mm.
Common Specifications:25x3mm, 25x4mm, 30x3mm, 30x4mm, 30x5mm, 40x5mm, 50x5mm,75x6mm,80x10mm,100x10mm, etc
1''x3/16'', 1-1/4''x3/16'', 1-1/2''x3/16'', 1''x1/4'', 1-1/4''x1/4'', 1-1/2''x1/4'',1''x1/8'', 1-1/4''x1/8'', 1-1/2''x1/8'',etc

Bearing Bar Pitch:

12.5mm, 15mm, 20mm, 23.85mm, 25mm, 30mm, 30.16mm, 30.3mm,32.5mm, 34.3mm, 35mm, 38.1mm, 40mm,41.25mm, 60mm, 80mm etc.
19-w-4, 15-w-4, 11-w-4, 19-w-2, 15-w-2 etc.

cross bar:  6.0mm or 8.0mm(twisted bar or round bar)
cross bar pitch:  38.1, 50, 60, 76, 80, 100, 101.6, 120mm, 2'' & 4'' etc.

China: YB/T 4001.1-2007, USA: ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88),UK: BS4592-1987, Australia: AS1657-1985,Germany: DIN24537-1-2006.

Product Photos and Applications:

Galvanized Steel Grating

Galvanized Steel Grating