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Wire Mesh Belt for Conveyor Food Washing, Drying

Wire mesh belts are made of stainless steel wire of spring wire. Wire diameters varies from 0,9 until 3.2mm. Pitches from 4 mm until 22.23mm, and belt widths from 10mm to 3m. We a big range of standard dimensions, but can make all the (non standard) dimensions too because of the multi adjustable production machinery. Belts executed with single loop (most common) or double looped edges for special occasions.

Wire mesh belts can be made for straight conveyors and for curve conveyors.
Wire mesh belts are normally driven by toothed sprockets, made of (stainless) steel or plastic. The number of teeth is free to choose and can be made for every new or existing conveyor.
This wire mesh belts are often used in conveyors for the food industry for the production of:
-snacks            -fish                       -pizzas                   -vegetables            -bread
-pastry            -meat                      -candy                   - (small) potatoes
-biscuits          -chocolate             -nuts and fruits
Wire mesh belt
Wire mesh belt