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What are the Advantages of Wire Fencing?
Wire fencing, also known as woven wire fencing is the perfect option for heritage styled or period homes, as it is ornate and elegant without being too overdone.  It is great if you want to be able to display your garden to passersby as its openness and elegance perfectly complements your flowering plants and shrubs, without taking anything away from them. 
The way that wire fencing complements your home also helps to add resale value as it is a real “finishing touch” and not just a “tacked on” fence, so to speak. 
It is relatively cost effective to install and you gain your money back and more when you sell the home.
Wire fencing is also very well made and they can be powder coated to a choice of different colours including cream, heritage green, black, 
white, silver, heritage red, and pale greens.  Alternatively, you can select a galvanised finish for your fencing. 

The fittings that are supplied are of the highest quality and the gates perfectly match the fence and are supplied with everything that you need.
The quality of the wire fencing means that it will last for many years without sagging, rusting or otherwise deteriorating in appearance. 
As well, you have a choice of designs and heights, ensuring that you get the fence that matches your home exactly.

What are Some of the Potential Disadvantages of Wire Fencing?
Wire fencing, while it is beautiful to look at, can have some potential disadvantages. The primary thing that may be an issue for you is the fact that it is a very “see through” type of fencing.  This means that you will not get a lot of privacy from it.  As well, it also will not block out any sound at all and this may be an issue if you live on a busy street, or just like your peace and quiet.