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304 Stainless Steel Wire Cloth 6 Mesh .035" Wire Dia

Stainless steel wire cloth is one of the most commonly used material in the industrial and commercial fields.
Stainless steel wire cloth has many benefits such as excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature strength, good workability and other mechanical properties.

MESH SIZE: 6 per inch, 6 wire per 2.54 cm
WIRE DIAMETER: 0.0350 inch,  0.889 mm
OPENING:  0.1310 inch,  3.3274 mm
OPENING %:  62 %.
Roll size: 1m X 30m

Material is hard to bend by hand and can be cut with tin snips, aircraft shears or laser.
Commonly used for air vents and filters.
This sturdy market grade mesh is woven from a standard wire diameter which is heavier than the wire used to weave bolting cloth.
Meets ASTM E 2016-20 and UNS S30400.