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Mobile Phone Signal Shielding Mesh - Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh is divided into: copper mesh, brass mesh, phosphor copper mesh, these three types of copper mesh can play a shielding effect, but the copper mesh shielding effect is a better product because the copper content of the copper mesh is 99.99%.

The main function
1: Electromagnetic radiation protection, effectively blocking the damage of electromagnetic waves to the human body.
2: Shield electromagnetic interference to ensure the normal operation of instruments and equipment.
3: Prevent electromagnetic leakage and effectively shield the electromagnetic signal of the display window.

The main purpose:
1: Parts such as electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection that require light transmission; such as the shielding of the display window of the instrument table.
2: Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection and other parts that need ventilation; such as chassis, cabinets, ventilation windows, etc.
3: Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic wave radiation on walls, floors, ceilings, etc.; such as laboratories, computer rooms, strong and weak current rooms, radar stations.
4: Wire and cable, anti-electromagnetic interference, play a protective role of electromagnetic shielding.

technical parameter:
Light transmittance 50%-70%
Transmittance: Low reflection, high transmittance and good shielding performance.
Breathability: Good breathability and does not affect lighting.
Processing type: soft texture, good extensibility, easy to cut into different shapes and sizes, no wire drawing.

1, brass wire mesh
Raw materials: brass wire, there are 65 brass (about 65% copper, 35% zinc), 80 brass (about 80% copper, 20% zinc), etc.;
Mesh: plain weave 6 mesh/inch--160/inch, twill weave is higher to 280 mesh.
Features: Brass wire mesh has proper tensile strength and extensibility. The smaller the mesh, the larger the mesh, and the better the water filtration performance.

2, copper wire mesh -- also known as shielding mesh
Raw material: red copper wire (99.999% pure copper content)
Features: Copper wire mesh has good electrical conductivity, heat transfer performance, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.
Mesh: plain weave 5 mesh - 200 mesh, twill weave is higher than 250 mesh.
Uses: filter electron beam, electronic display screen, shield electromagnetic wave signal.

3, phosphor copper wire mesh
Raw material: phosphor copper wire (85%-90% copper, 5%-15% zinc)
Features: non-magnetic, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, good extensibility.
Mesh: plain weave mesh 5-185 mesh, twill weave is higher than 400 mesh.
Uses: Usually used for powder, ceramic clay and glass, printing and dyeing objects of ceramics and filtering liquid and gas.
copper wire mesh