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Safety Fence Protect the Machines and Robots Perimeter

Robot fence, also called robot fence, safety fence, if it is used in the workshop, also known as workshop aluminum profile isolation net, workshop partition, aluminum alloy fence, automatic fence net, etc. Without expansion screws, industrial aluminum profiles are generally used as the guardrail frame, with mesh in the middle, transparent acrylic or aluminum plastic plate, etc.

The grid size and color can be customized. The grid size of the commonly used robot fence or workshop isolation net is 40*40 grid, but also 30*30 grid, 50*50 grid or 20*100 grid. Common grid colors are yellow, white, black and so on.

Mesh Panel
Height: 1000mm/1200mm/1800mm/2000mm
Width: 200/300/500/700/800/1000/1200mm
Square tube: 20*20mm
Wire diameter: 3mm
Grid: 100*20mm
Size of fast insertion & fast screw post:
Height: 1200mm/1400mm/2000mm/2200m
Size of Light curtain post:
1.Welded details
Standard: EN ISO 13857
Welding method: Flat and strong with tiny welding spot 
2.Painting colors
We have stocked products for the panel and post colors below, which could be delivery within 1-2 weeks after confirmed the order.
The surface is blasted without bump, pained by epoxy polyester powder ,the color is bright and beautiful.
3.Connection method
Using clamps to connect the panel and the post.
Adjust the panel at four directions freely with four earrings.
Installation: easy and quick.
For post, bidirectional ok.
Robot fence

Robot fence