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Application and Features of Oil Filter Mesh

There are two types of oil filter mesh: built-in and external to the fan. There are two installation methods: hanging type and floor bracket type. Cleanliness: dust with a particle size of 0.5m in the working area ≤3.5 particlester, noise average wind speed: 0.3--0.55m/s Clean oil filter has less investment compared to clean room It has the advantages of low civil engineering requirements, convenient installation and power saving. It is currently used in machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, fine chemicals and other departments. Can be specially designed and produced according to customer requirements.

The second point is that the stainless steel filter mesh has less investment, easy installation and low operating cost. Can be used alone or in combination. The material of the box is made of color steel plate, high-quality steel plate and stainless steel plate for users to choose.

The oil filter mesh is to pass the oil fume through the high-efficiency filter at a certain wind speed to form a uniform flow layer, so that the clean air flows in a vertical one-way, thus ensuring the high cleanliness required by the process in the working area. At the same time, oil filters have the advantage that they can be used individually and in combination.
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