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Stainless Steel Wire Rope for Helideck Perimeter Safety

Helideck perimeter safety net is made of stainless steel wire SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L.It is flexible ,lightweight and high strength.It is environmentally friendly and corrosion resistance also.Usually it is used as zoo enclosure to protecting animals. Effectively preventing the rodents and its animal bite.

We have knotted type and ferrule type,sometimes we do black oxidation on the mesh,it looks more elegant and stronger.It is also widely used for safety fences, stair railing mesh, inox balustrade protective mesh and more.
Details about the stainless steel rope mesh:
ferruled type,woven type and black oxide type
Helideck perimeter safety net
Type:  ferrule type and knotted type
Material:SUS304   SUS316   SUS316L, PVC coating and hot dipped galvanised is realizable
Wire diameter:1.0mm  -  6.0mm
Wire structure:7*7   7*19
Mesh hole size:20*20  30*30  40*70  50*87  60*106 etc.All size can be customized.
1,lightweight, high strength.
2,Environmentally friendly and corrosion .
3,Soft touch,efficient .
4,Long life, corrosion resistance.
Helipad safety net
Helideck perimeter mesh
Helideck perimeter safety net
Security guard fence mesh
Zoo mesh,animal enclosure,animal cage
Staircase railing mesh
Wire mesh fence
Security netting and so on
Color is primary colour of stainless steel ,other colors can be customized.Such as black and plastic-coated.
More details:measurement way and mesh hole direction.
Helideck perimeter safety net