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Gabion Box for flood control and road protection

Gabion box is made of low carbon steel wire or PVC wire with high corrosion resistance, high strength and ductility by mechanical weaving, gabion box is mainly used for embankment slope, river course and embankment protection.

The gabion box is filled with stone at the construction site to form a flexible, permeable and integral structure, such as retaining wall, river lining, weir and other anti erosion works. Gabion box is not able to prevent the flood. The orderly arrangement of gabion box can strengthen the firmness of the embankment. Moreover, gabion net has the name of Ecological Grid. Gabion box can use its unique characteristics to regenerate vegetation and attach to the gabion, forming a semi artificial and semi natural defense system. The power of nature is not prevented by man. We must strengthen fortifications under limited conditions. Gabion cage plays the most important role in the most serious disaster of the river, which is the damage caused by the current scouring the river bank, resulting in flooding, causing a lot of loss of life and property and a lot of soil erosion. 

Therefore, when dealing with the above problems, the application of gabion box becomes one of the best solutions, which can make the river bed and bank get strong protection.
Specification of gabion box:
2m x 1m x 1m, 3m x 1m x 1m, 4m x 1m x 1m, 2m x 1m x 0.5m, 4m x 1m x 0.5m. It can also be produced according to customers' requirements. The surface protection status includes hot-dip galvanizing, galvanized aluminum alloy, PVC coating, etc.

Parameters of gabion box:
(1) Aperture: 60 * 80 mm, 80 * 100 mm, 80 * 120 mm, 100 * 120 mm, 120 * 150 mm, 90 * 110 mm
The length of the double stranded part shall not be less than 50mm to ensure that the metal coating and PVC coating of the stranded part of the steel wire are not damaged.

(2) Wire diameter: there are three kinds of wire diameter for gabion Net - mesh wire, side wire and binding wire.
1. The range of mesh is 2mm-4mm
2. The side wire is generally larger than the mesh wire, which is 0.5-1.0 mm thicker than the mesh wire
3. Binding wire is generally smaller than mesh wire, and 2.2cm is the most common.
(3) Wire tension: not less than 38kg / m2 380n / mm

(4) Surface treatment
1. Galvanizing. The amount of zinc is 10g / m2. Poor corrosion resistance.
2. Hot dip galvanizing. The amount of zinc can reach 300 g / m2. Strong corrosion resistance.
3. Galfan (zinc aluminum alloy). There are two kinds of materials, Zinc-5% aluminum mixed rare earth alloy steel wire and zinc-10% aluminum mixed rare earth alloy steel wire. Super corrosion resistance.
4. PVC package. Generally, the thickness of plastic wrapping is 1.0 mm, for example, 2.7 mm, 3.7 mm after wrapping. Strong corrosion resistance
(5) Partition: add a partition to each meter in the long direction of the gabion net
(6) Size: can be customized according to the standard
(7) Range of pore diameter and wire diameter.

The characteristics of gabion cage: 
(1) economy. Just put the stone into the cage and seal it.
(2) The construction is simple without special technology.
(3) It has strong ability to resist natural damage, corrosion resistance and adverse weather.
(4) It can withstand a large range of deformation without collapse.
(5)The silt between the stone gaps of the cage is conducive to plant production and can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment.
(6) It has good permeability and can prevent damage caused by hydrostatic force.
(7) Save transportation cost. It can be folded for transportation and assembled on the site.

Application of gabion box: 
(1) control and guide rivers and floods.
(2) flood discharge dam and diversion dam.
(3) rock fall protection.
(4) prevention of water and soil erosion.
(5) bridge protection.
(6) soil consolidation structure.
(7) Coastal Defense Engineering.
(8) Port Engineering.
(9) retaining wall.
(10) road protection.

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