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Stainless Steel Five Heddle Woven Wire Mesh

Five heddle woven wire mesh provides a rectangular opening. The unique design of wire mesh can assist increased drainage and flow properties. This mesh also has a smooth surface on one side.

Popular meshes are 108x59mesh , 110x60mesh and 38x38mesh.
110 X 60mesh x 0.16MM, Open Area:19%
38 X 38mesh x 0.15MM, Open Area:60%
Rolll width: 1m or 48".
Standard roll length: 30m or 100'.
Packing: wrapped with moister-proof paper, then in wooden cases.
Material: Stainless steel wire SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316 or SUS316L.

Typical Use: Stainless steel five heddle woven wire mesh is widely used in undercurrent filtration, drainage filtration, dehydration in paper-making and chemical fillers.
Five heddle woven wire mesh