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How to choose the right fence for your farm?

If you are breeding chickens, ducks, geese, and other small animals, then you must choose some small hole series for breeding fence, such as chain link fence series or Holland wire mesh series, which are aimed at some small Produced by animals.

Then if you want to breed some large animals, you must choose some thick wire fence, such as double-sided fence. The steel wires should be thicker and the posts should be thicker. Because the large animals themselves are too powerful, then we have to choose Some breeding fence with strong resistance to hitting.

If the environment where you use aquaculture fence is in a coastal city or another city with a bad environment, it is recommended to choose a fence with galvanized pipes, galvanized wire welded and then dipped to increase the service life of the product, although the initial cost Slightly higher than the ordinary dipping mesh fence, but the service life increases production, which also means to reduce the cost.
breeding fence

breeding fence