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Features of Reinforcing Mesh

With many years experience in the production of reinforcing mesh, we are a leading supplier of customised reinforcing products to most industry sectors. Reinforcing mesh has a wide variety of uses, ranging from the ordinary household to heavy industry.

In many construction applications such as reinforcing, a welded mesh fabric is preferred to rebar, particularly if Ferro-Fabrik is used. Ferro-Fabrik is a top quality product conforming to SANS 1024/2006. It has greater features and strengths than rebar (minimum 485Mpa) allowing a material saving of 8%, and allows for time saving when fixing on site.

Features of reinforcing mesh

The unique deformed wire pattern (curry pattern) offers superior bonding, improved stress distribution and crack-width control.

Ferro-Fabric is available in a wide range of diameters and apertures. The products can be bent to shape as required.
Manufactured from hard drawn wire (smooth) and cold rolled wire (deformed).

All intersections are resistant-welded thereby not reducing the tensile strength of the wires.
Mesh has an average shear strength equal to 80% of the wire strength.
The wire used has physical properties which are rigidly controlled to produce mesh with maximum weld strength combined with ductility.
The steel specifications allow for cold rolled wire with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 510Mpa and a high resistance to fatigue.
Mesh is available in black (pre-galvanised) and galvanised sheets or rolls.
Also available on request: plastic coated and hot dipped (galvanised) mesh.
 Features of reinforcing mesh

 Features of reinforcing mesh