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Wire Mesh Filter Screen Series - Faucet Filter Screen

Our company specializes in the production of faucet filter, stainless steel filter, edge filter and other products, look forward to the cooperation with business friends from all walks of life.

Filter screen series: faucet filter screen
Material: all stainless steel (304,316,316l) and injection molding material.
Size specification: according to the needs of the manufacturer.

Production process: high quality stainless steel filter after stamping into pieces, multi-layer stainless steel filter edge wrapping, grinding, pressing several production links to become: excellent workmanship, high filtering accuracy. The faucet filter screen with tight seam with faucet, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

Working principle: some faucet filters are installed inside the faucet, some are installed at the entrance of the faucet, which can play a preliminary filtering effect on some impurities and calcium carbonate in the water.

Quality is the lifeline of enterprise development! Our factory has a strict quality supervision system, in addition to strict control of materials, every faucet filter has been screened layer by layer, and all products are qualified.

faucet filter screen