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Are you looking for extruder screen?

Extruder screen with superior performance is made from stainless steel wire cloth. And other materials can also be supplied. Due to its durability and chemical resistance, it is mainly used in melt extrusion and filtration. The screen is made to circular or other different shapes. And we can supply single layer or multi layers extruder screen in any mesh and diameters according to customer's requirement, for example extruder screen packs and extruder screen discs.

Specification for extruder screen:
Material: stainless steel wire mesh. Other materials can also be supplied.
Style: plain weave, plain dutch weave or twilled weave.
Layer: single layer or multi layers.
Shape: round, oval, rectangular or other special designed shapes.
Hot specifications ordered by customers:

10-12 micron screen pack for a 1" extruder.
Dutch weave screen of mesh size: 20 × 60 × 100 size.
Screen mesh, 120 × 120 mesh with 2 layer for in house pelletizer.
Extruder screens made from C276 Hastelloy or Monel 400 with a diameter of 12/16" in a mesh of 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, & 200.
extruder screens:
Plain steel, diam. 220mm, 30 mesh (wire 0.30mm).
Plain steel, diam. 170mm, 30 mesh (wire 0.30mm).
Plain steel, diam. 170mm, 40 mesh (wire 0.25mm).

Made of anti-corrosive raw materials and advanced technology which can hold up to multiple environments and uses.
Available in different sizes, shapes and specifications.
Reliable extrusion and filtration capacity.
Smooth surface with no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles.
Very durable with robust structure.
Acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, hot-resistance, high tensile strength, wear-resistance.

Extruder screen is widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, rubber, metallurgy, medicine and food industries. Besides, the screen also can be applied in filtering of gas and liquid, separating foreign matters.
extruder screen