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Hengshui-Europe, The China-Europe train starts today!

At 10:56 a.m. on August 9, 2022, the first "Hengshi Europe" China-Europe freight train departed from Shijiazhuang International Dry Port. Loaded with wire mesh products such as welded wire mesh, stainless steel wire meshmesh fence and other wire mesh products produced in our city, polyester chips, automobile filters and other export commodities, the value of the goods is 32.3294 million yuan.
The opening of this line marks the establishment of a new land route for our city to strengthen economic and trade exchanges with Europe.

Anping County, Hengshui City has been committed to the production, research and development and export of barbed wire for many years. It has obvious geographical advantages, a solid industrial foundation, and a pragmatic and efficient business environment. Steel grating, expanded metal mesh, perforated mesh and other products, woven wire mesh and other goods can be directly exported by China-Europe trains, which not only saves logistics costs, but also greatly improves the timeliness of transportation.

"Hengshiou" The opening of the China-Europe train will fully promote the "going out" of Hengshui's advantageous wire mesh industry, enhance its competitiveness in international trade, and will become a powerful advantage for Anping's wire mesh industry to brave new paths.
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