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Stainless Steel BBQ Mesh - Barbecue Wire Mesh

Our factory produces various specifications of barbecue wire mesh, the types are as follows:
1. Bound round grill mesh (flat and convex),
2. Bounded square grill net,
3. Welded square grill mesh
4. Curved grill mesh etc.

The specific specifications are as follows:
Diameter: 230mm, 240mm, 260mm, 270mm, 280mm,
300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm.

Product structure:
(1) The middle is galvanized wire drawing crimped mesh, wire diameter: 1.10mm, mesh: 11mm;
(2) edging with tinplate;
(3) The finished mesh weighs about 100 grams.
Our stainless steel wire mesh products are mainly used in restaurants, restaurants, barbecue shops, picnics, camping, military, tourism and other activities of pasta, meat, fish barbecue, steaming, smoking, won the favor of baking lovers, Among them, the disposable stainless steel barbecue mesh is the most common, and it sells well in Japan, Canada, Argentina and other parts of the world.
Stainless Steel BBQ Mesh