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Oil filter 150 200 mesh 0.053mm phosphor bronze wire mesh

Phosphor Bronze wire mesh is 90-10 commercial bronze wire mesh. It is the most extensively used bronze alloy in the industrial wire cloth world. As its common industry name suggests, 90-10 commercial bronze is comprised of 90% copper and 10% Zinc, with small additions of lead 0.025% and iron 0.025%. When compared to copper wire cloth, bronze wire cloth possesses much better abrasion resistance, hardness, and tensile strength; it also exhibits improved corrosion resistance and lower electrical conductivity. As a higher zinc content results in a stronger, more ductile material, 90-10 commercial bronze is weaker and less ductile than other brass wire cloth.

Name: Phosphor Bronze mesh, Bronze wire mesh, Bronze woven wire mesh, Bronze wire cloth

Material: 90% Cu+10% Ni
Weave type: Plain, twill weaving
Mesh: 10-500 mesh
Roll size: 1x30m, 1x30.5m, 1.2x30m, 1.5x30m etc.
Application: used in liquid filtration and particle separation, insect screen, and architectural applications.
Phosphor Bronze wire mesh