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Australia Welded Portable Fence Combined with Round Frame

With high strength and good flexibility, Australia welded portable fence is your best choice for temporary fencing.
Australia portable fence with round fence frame made of carbon steel is a kind of welded portable fence. Combined with feet, clamps, stays, shade cloth, it is strong enough for security barrier. Because of the easy installation, flexible structure and long service life, it's necessary and desirable for construction site fencing, factory fencing, residence fencing, sport field fencing, road fencing, animal fencing and so on.

Australia Portable Fence Feature
Firm structure and high strength.
Flexible feet make the fence movable.
Easy to install and uninstall.
Different types for choice.
Various accessories to satisfy the different requirements of customers.
Corrosion and rust resistance.
Cost effective, and can be recycled.
Durable and long service life.

Construction site fencing.
Residential housing site fencing.
Public place fencing.
Sport field fencing.
Road fencing.
Animal fencing.
Factory fencing.
Australia Portable Fence

Australia Portable Fence

Australia portable fence
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