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100 mesh 150 micron Stainless Steel Mesh for Filters and Screens

Stainless steel filter mesh screens are ideally suited for use in applications where you need high strength, chemical resistant filter mesh screen to filter through.

Stainless steel mesh screen stand up well to heat, cold, chemicals, solvents, liquids, and even sand and filter media.
In fact, it's the same material we use to build all of our stainless steel filters! The filter meshes are made from heavy duty 304 or 316L stainless steel and are available in a wide variety of sizes.

Stainless steel wire mesh specifications
Most of the below stainless steel wire mesh sizes are in stock, with common material SS304 and SS316. 
Plain weave: 2X2mesh to 635X635 mesh; 
Twill weave: 20X20mesh to 400X400mesh; 
Plain Dutch weave: 10X64mesh to 80X700mesh; 
Twill Dutch weave: 20X250mesh to 400X2800mesh; 
Reversed Dutch weave: 48X10mesh to 720X150mesh. 

Technical Note: 
1. Standard roll length: 15.24m, 30m, 30.5m, 61m
2. Standard roll width: 0.61m(2'), 0.9144m(3'), 1.22m(4'), 1.30m(4.265'), 1.524m(5), 1.60m(5.25')
3. Special sizes available at request
4. Packing: In waterproof paper, PVC bag, wooden case. Custom packing available at request. 
Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless Steel Mesh