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0.1mm Copper Foil Mesh Expanded Copper Metal Mesh

The copper and aluminum expanded metal foil is widely used on the composite blade material manufacturing for ligtning striking protection, preventing the damage from lightning stiking and extending the blade service life.

Carbon fiber wind turbine blades are gradually replacing all glass fiber blades to adapt to the development of higher wind power output.
Carbon fiber blades reduce weight while increasing strength, allowing these large turbines to rotate at lower wind speeds.

But carbon fiber is conductive and more susceptible to lightning strikes, but its conductivity is not enough to extract energy from the leaves. This requires additional protection to avoid catastrophic failures caused by lightning strikes.

Micro expanded metal (copper or aluminum expanded metal foil) has excellent electrical conductivity. Insert the aluminum/copper expanded metal into composite material and form the material into blades to supply a lightweight shielding solution to wind energy. Besides, it is one of the ideal materials for electromagnetic compatibility of composite material.

When struck by lightning, it can play a critical electrical conductivity to effectively dissipate the destruction of lightning strike, protect the carbon fiber layer and prolong the service life.

Popular Specification:

Material copper
Thickness 0.1 mm
Strand Width 0.4 mm
SWD 1.47–1.752 mm
LWD 3.157 mm ± 5%
Width 930 mm
Length ≥ 80 m/roll
Overall Thickness 0.33 mm ± 10%
Weight 390 g/m2
Open Area 55%


Material copper
Thickness 0.26–0.3 mm
Strand Width 0.33 mm
SWD 1.27–1.55 mm
LWD 3.157 mm ± 5%
Width 630 mm
Length 100m
Overall Thickness 0.254 mm ± 10%
Weight 815 g/m2 ± 10%
Open Area 64%


Material Aluminum
Thickness 0.1 mm
Strand Width 0.3 mm
SWD 1.2 mm
LWD 2.0mm
Width 914 mm
Length ≥ 100m
Overall Thickness 0.15 mm ± 10%
Weight 136 g/m2 ± 10%

Expanded Copper foil


The micro expanded mesh is widely used in the wind turbine blade manufacturing, it can also be installed on the aircraft, turbine cabin cover of wind power plants, as well as on high-altitude electrical appliances and machines to prevent lightning attacks, but also can provide a certain shielding effect.
expanded metal foil

Expanded Copper foil