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Compound Balanced Weave Conveyor Freezer Wire Mesh Belt

Compound weave conveyor belt, also named stainless steel cordweave conveyor belt, compound balanced woven belt, V-shaped conveyor belt or baking band conveyor belt.

Generally, the material used to make the Compound Weave Conveyor Belts is 304/316 stainless steel or high carbon steel. 
Conveyor belts made of 304/316 are usually used in the food industry, and conveyor belts made of 310S/314 are usually used in the heat treatment industry.
314 stainless steel wire has several characteristics such as high temperature resistance, strong oxidation resistance and good mechanical properties. The mesh conveyor belt made of 314 stainless steel wire can solve the high temperature problem encountered by the mesh belt in the powder metallurgy furnace, and is not prone to short cycle, peeling and fracture. 314 stainless steel wire can withstand high temperature up to 1000-1500 °C.

The belt can be driven by friction rollers or chains. In some cases, products need to be upgraded or separated, and we can also provide cross flights and side plates according to user needs.

Features of compound weave conveyor belt
• Small open area. The compound weave conveyor belt has a little open area, which is suitable to conveyor the small items.
• Use multiple environments. High resistance against acid, alkaline, chemical, abrasion, and corrosion.
• High tensile strength. The compound weave conveyor belt has multiple spirals and cross rods on each pitch, so it can supply higher tensile strength than other types of conveyor belt.
• High-temperature resistance. The compound weave conveyor belt is made of high-quality materials, including stainless steel and nickel alloy steel, which have excellent temperature resistance performance.
• Durable and long service life. The unique structure and high-quality material can ensure the long service life of compound conveyor belt.
• Uniform heating. Provides uniform heat transfer across the belt.
• Baffles can be added. Different types of baffles can be added at the both side and center of conveyor belt for sorting and conveying products.
Compound weave conveyor belt
Compound weave conveyor belt