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Heavy Zinc Steel Grating for Railway and Subway

The width of the single passageway of the special steel grating for railway shall not be less than 600 mm. When passages for steel gratings are often passed or inserted by more than one person, the width should be added to 1200 mm.

If the steel grating passageway is used as an evacuation route, its width should satisfy the requirements of specific regulations. In the absence of specific regulations, the width shall not be less than l200mm.

Common Specifications for steel grating
1. Flat steel and cross bar are made by Q235 of GB/T700. According to the agreement between the supplier and the demander, other materials are also available.
2. Hot-rolled flat steel or hot-rolled or cold-rolled strips with longitudinal shear are used for flat steel.
3. Compliance table YB/T4001 for allowable error of flat steel scale. Rule 1-2007.
4. Hot-rolled flat steel or hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel strips with longitudinal shear and punching are used for toothed flat steel. The tooth type scale should not be less than 5 teeth per 100mm.
5. Section dimension and moment of inertia of I-shaped flat steel.

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