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How many years does the powder coating mesh without rust?

There are many benefits of powder coating. It can be applied to metal valve covers, pipes, powder coating welded wire mesh, powder coating and fence fittings. If the surface or fabricated metal can tolerate an electromagnetic charge and high temperatures, from the curing process, then it can be powder coated. 

Powder coating can maintain its finish for a long time, in this case, customer often request to weld the mesh panels with pre-galvanized wire or welded then do hot dipped galvanizing.
Heavily zinc coating mesh panels service life can up to 10 years or even longer., many use it to paint parts of cars, bikes, bicycles and other items that typically remain outside and can take a beating from inclement weather.

Also, powder coat comes in all gloss levels from 0-100%, the professional look, and the fact that it makes powder coating superior in comparison to other metal finishing options. It gives the material a hard finish, and in this way, it’s tougher and can take a beating than conventional paint.

For reducing wear, pressure pumps, which are high performance and save energy, are used to deliver more powder with less compressed air.
Powder coating made from epoxy is also stronger in wear. Epoxy coating is long-lasting and is resistant to abrasions. Many commercial and industrial firms choose epoxy because it’s low in cost.

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