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Latest Wire Rod Price - China Wire Rod March 7, 2021

Wire rod price on March 7, 2021: Zhongyang 4180 yuan (excluding tax). 
The above price is for reference only.

Deformed steel bar and high speed wire:
HRB400 Grade III deformed steel bar, HRB400E Grade III anti-seismic deformed steel bar, HRB500E Grade IV deformed steel bar//HRB400, HRB400E spiral//HPB235, HPB300 high wire (wire rod, wire rod, coil circle)

Reinforcement for reinforced concrete refers to straight or coiled steel used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete. Its appearance is divided into smooth round reinforcement and deformed reinforcement, and the delivery status is straight and coiled. Plain round steel bars are actually small round steel bars and coiled steel bars of ordinary low-carbon steel. Deformed steel bars are surface ribbed steel bars, usually with two longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs evenly distributed along the length direction. The transverse ribs are spiral, herringbone and crescent shaped. It is expressed in millimeters of the nominal diameter. The nominal diameter of deformed rebar is equivalent to the nominal diameter of plain round rebar with equal cross section. The nominal diameter of reinforcement is 8-50 mm, and the recommended diameters are 8, 12, 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm. The reinforcement mainly bears tensile stress in concrete. Deformed steel bars have greater bonding capacity with concrete due to the role of ribs, so they can better withstand the role of external forces. Reinforcement is widely used in various building structures, especially large, heavy, light thin-walled and high-rise building structures.

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