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The Main Steps of Installation of Chain Link Fence

The main steps of installation of chain link fence include: surveying and setting out, original ground treatment, slope and excavation of foundation pit, temporary positioning of post, installation of chain link fence, pouring of post concrete foundation, overall fastening and adjustment of chain link fence.

(1) Surveying and setting out: according to the design requirements of the drawings and the actual terrain and features, the construction setting out shall be carried out, the post and center line shall be determined, and the chain link fence shall be installed according to the specified slope and alignment.

(2) The original ground treatment is an important premise to ensure the linear smoothness and overall firmness of protective fence installation. Only after the soft layer under the foundation is replaced and tamped, can the post be buried to ensure the firmness of the post. The post installation is carried out by sections. From the longitudinal view, the axis of the post is in a straight line, and there should be no uneven phenomenon; from the height view, the post top is smooth, and there should be no uneven situation, except for special terrain.

(3) According to the survey and setting out, set up the bench marking and white line, fill and dig the original surface and slope, and tamp again, install the setting out position, excavate the post foundation pit to ensure the size of the foundation pit.

(4) In the process of post installation, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the post and the tight connection with the foundation. In the process of post installation, small lines shall be used to detect the straightness of post installation, and local adjustments shall be made to ensure that the straight line section is straight, the curve section is smooth, and the post fixation meets the requirements of design drawings.

(5) The chain link fence piece must be firmly connected with the post, and the net surface shall be installed smoothly without obvious wagerer and concave convex phenomenon.

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