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The 5 Main Types Posts for Metal Wire Mesh Fencing

Our company produces all kinds of metal wire fence products, including all kinds of fence post, square post, peach shaped post, swallow tail post, Y-shaped post.

1. Round post - This post is suitable for double side wire fence and frame fence, which is used for highway and railway protection. General specifications of round post: 42mm, 48mm (50mm), 60mm, 75mm, etc

2. Square pipe: the mesh fence connection accessories with flat iron stamping are welded on both sides of the square pipe, and the flange plate is welded on the bottom of the post to fix the post. For: double side wire fence, frame fence.

3. Peach shaped post --- there are bending grooves on both sides of the post, which are easy to jam the fence and make it beautiful. It is suitable for triangle bending mesh fence, mainly used for garden, community protection, etc.
General specification of peach shaped post: 5 * 7cm or 7 * 10cm, etc.

4. Y-shaped post --- this post is named after it’s shape. The post adopts round pipe, square pipe, etc., and the top is welded into Y-shape. The advantage of this is that it is not only beautiful, but also can hook blade mesh fence on it, greatly enhancing the safety performance of wire fence. Applicable to: airport, prison protection.

5. Swallow tail post--- this post is easy to weld, mainly using the connection of clip and mesh. The post is suitable for Dutch net, wave net fence and temporary simple protection.

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