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The Use and Scope of Application of Wire Mesh Rack Pallets

Pallet rack decking is also called shelf pallet in the warehousing and logistics industry, which is a pallet specially used for warehouse racking or three-dimensional warehouse. The shelf pallet manufacturers remind everyone that the plastic pallets on the general shelves need to add steel pipes in the pallets, and the number of steel pipes can be increased according to the actual load-bearing demand.

It is the main means to transform static goods into dynamic goods in the logistics industry. Although it is only one square meter in size, it can effectively improve work efficiency and is loved by many companies. It is also called "plastic platform board" and "plastic cardboard".

Generally, forklifts are divided into three main categories: standard plastic pallets, light pallets, and heavy pallets.

Standard pallets refer to general-purpose pallets, which are suitable for use on flat ground. It is one of the necessary logistics equipment for forklifts. It can load, stack, and move goods. It is generally not recommended to use on the shelf, it is more suitable for lightweight and bulky goods.

Under normal circumstances, the dynamic load can reach 1000kg, the static load can reach 4000kg, and the heavier pallets can only reach 200-300kg on the shelf, due to the danger of exceeding the carrying capacity.

Lightweight pallets refer to pallets that are suitable for use on flat ground and have low loading requirements. They are also suitable as packaging pallets and transported with goods. Under normal circumstances, the dynamic load of the light pallet is only 500 kg, and the static load is only 1000 kg. It is not recommended to use it on the shelf.

wire mesh pallet

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking is a special pallet for the shelf in a warehouse or a three-dimensional warehouse. The plastic pallet on the shelf generally requires steel pipes to be added inside the pallet. The number of steel pipes can be added according to actual load requirements. 

Wire mesh pallets have a relatively large load capacity. Generally, the dynamic load needs to reach 1.5T, the static load reaches 6T, and the shelf load can reach 0.8T, so it is more suitable for placing heavier goods.

The choice of rack pallets should be based on the weight of the racks and goods of different structures.
When the pallet is placed on the shelf, it should be steadily placed on the shelf beam, and the length of the pallet should be greater than the outer diameter of the shelf beam by more than 50mm.

Heavy-duty rack trays are widely used in beverage, food, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, and other manufacturing industries. It has different forms, such as grid Sichuan type, grid field type, flat Sichuan type, flat large nine-foot type, blow-molded flat nine-foot type and so on. Suitable for different users.