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Stainless Steel Mesh - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory

Our company produces a series of high quality stainless steel wire mesh products, including plain stainless steel wire mesh and twill stainless steel wire mesh. The specific types are as follows: 301,302,304,321,310,316l, 410,304L.

Plain stainless steel mesh: is the most common weaving method, the main feature is the same density of warp and weft wire diameter, the same warp and weft wire diameter, mesh number, reasonable collocation to achieve square mesh. The specification of stainless steel wire mesh is generally 8-630 mesh.
Weaving method: plain weave, oblique weave, mat weave. We can make some special styles according to customers' requirements.

Wire diameter: 0.025mm -- 6mm
Specification: plain weave and oblique weave from 1 mesh to 540 mesh, flat surface, no burr.
Size and shape: roll shape (width 0.914m, 1.0m, 1.22m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m,), and can be punched into square, circular and other shapes.
Length: 30.0 meters or 100 feet, special length can be customized. Packing: waterproof paper, wooden case.
Performance: acid, alkali, high temperature, tensile, wear resistance.

As stainless steel has the properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance and temperature resistance, it is commonly used for screening (screen) and filtering (filter) in acid and alkali environment, as mud screen in petroleum industry, as screen screen in chemical fiber industry and as pickling screen in electroplating industry.
stainless steel wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh