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Chain Link Fence or Welded Wire Panels for Temporary Fence

Temporary chain link fence is made up of chain link mesh panels weaved by hot dip galvanized steel wire, tubular welded frame, clamps and stable fencing block. All panels are hand made by traditional craft from beginning to end. Technical workers use tension bars and tension bands to wrap the tie wire tightly around the tubular frame. And then a self-supporting and modular temporary fencing system is formed.

As a professional manufacturer, our temporary chain link fence mainly exported to the United States and Australia, and has been praised unanimously by our comprehensive service. Welcome to your customized orders form different panel dimensions and mesh opening.


Provide a visual barrier. E.g. construction sites, accidents scene, etc.
Restrict access to unauthorized persons to work sites, events & restricted areas.
Contain equipment and materials.
Prevent operations within the area from impacting outside.
Prevent materials, rubbish and debris from escaping from the work site.
Any site needing security or privacy.

Quick and easy installation. With light-weight chain link mesh infill panel and pre-designed fencing base. It is easy to set-up and tear-down by competent and trained installer.
Adaptable to a variety of site configurations. The flexible isolation angle can adjust to uneven ground, sloping sites, neither terrestrial, aquatic nor general use. And it can rapid re-configuration of the construction area.

Almost no damage to the installation ground. No need to dig holes or laying foundations, the solid structure can remain erect and stable at all times on cement or asphalt areas.
Minimizes injuries by putting a higher security fence on sites. Quickly establish a fence for warning and cordoned off the hazardous area, or preventing unauthorized entry.
Limits risks of theft and vandalism on job sites. It is anti-climb to prevent the thieves from entering and protect property from damage.
Transparent worksite fence. Different from chain link fence with slats, chain link mesh infill panels is visible without any sight blocks.
Complete fencing system. Expect for fence panels, panel stand, panel clamp, sand bags, brace, dog bar and shade clothes are all available, other you wanted hardware can be supplied.


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