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What are the advantages of hesco barrier?

Hesco Barrier also known as HESCO bastion, is a modern metal mesh used for flood control and military fortification. It is composed of a folding wire mesh container and heavy geotextile, which is used as temporary or semi permanent barrier or fortress to block or small attack.

What are the advantages of hesco barrier?  hesco barrier are currently used in many military organizations, including the United States, the U.S. air force, NATO and the United Nations, and have been used to protect many countries around the world, including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey

Application of hesco barrier: peripheral safety and defense wall / equipment revetment / personnel and material shelter, observation point, highway inspection station, border inspection station, protection of existing structure, highway traffic management, flood control, river emergency flood control deployment, erosion control retaining wall. Features: easy handling and installation, high strength and impact resistance, long life, normal use can be filled with sand, cement, stone, soil.

Product information
1) Wire diameter: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
2) Mesh size: 50mm * 50mm, 75mm * 75mm
3) Panel size: 2.21mx2.13m, 1.37mx1.06m, 0.61mx0.61m, can be customized according to customer requirements.
4) Geotextile: heavy non-woven polypropylene.
5) Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized, galfan wire.
6) Packing: use shrink film or pallet.

The hesco barrier has the ability of resisting shock wave and can limit the destructive effect to a certain range. It can be used as military equipment and can be used in temporary blockhouses, fortresses and pre war headquarters for explosive disposal, instead of traditional artificial trenches to effectively block attacks.
Product features: easy to transport folding packaging, strong mobility, simple installation, outstanding effect, easy to recycle.
Product material: high quality low carbon steel wire welding, exquisite galvanizing technology rust, plus high quality geotextile packaging for assembly and folding.
Other functions: it can also be called flood control wall, which is different from traditional gabion net (basket). It can not only hold stones, but also finer sediment. The filling materials are local materials, especially suitable for use in the lower reaches of rivers or seashore where stone is scarce. With the help of excavators, forklifts and other advanced tools, the installation efficiency is dozens or even hundreds of times of the traditional sandbags. The explosion-proof wall and flood control wall have various specifications, and can be flexibly combined in various colors, such as soil gray, soil yellow, grass green, etc., so as to be used in different scenes or purposes.

Installation steps: 1. Open the package; 2. Open the explosion-proof wall; 3. Connect the explosion-proof wall; 4. Load soil or silt for the explosion-proof wall. 5. Finish.

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