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Razor Wire | Barbed Wire | BTO-22 | CBT-60 | CBT-65

Razor barbed wire is stamping from hot dip galvanized steel sheet OR stainless steel sheet , the blade is sharp enough. the core wire are galvanizing steel wire or stainless steel wire with high tensile strength, The razor barbed wire with peculiar form is not easy to touch, so it can reach the good effect of protective isolation. 

The main material are stainless steel plate and galvanized steel plate.(normal zinc coating, and heavy zinc coating) Mainly used for garden apartments, office units, prisons, post, Quanjin border protection and so on.

China Free Co. is a professional manufactureer, who engaged in the development and production of various razor barbed wire, razor mesh,razor barbed wire machine, and some other wire mesh products. all the products sold at home and abroad.

Over the years, the company with the Advanced equipment, strong technical force.  scientific management, constantly updated technology, excellent product quality  win a good social reputation in the world business.
razor barbed wire